Is Your Social Media Strategy SOCIAL?

This article originally appeared on the LASSO MOON AGENCY blog:

How is your social media strategy working for you? Are you putting out Original, Authoritative and Shareable content that informs, connects and entertains? Here are a few guidelines to keep your efforts in check:

S- Shareable

O- Original

C- Connectable

I- Informative

A- Authoritative

L- Lively


Shareable – Is your content, your message shareable? Will others want to ‘like’ it or retweet it to their followers?  We’re all more likely to share an article, blog, video, or post if it’s engaging, humorous and / or includes informative content.   And remember, sharing one person’s content increases the likelihood of forming a connection that will ultimately lead to them sharing YOUR content.

Original – Original content is what search engines want to see.  Tell Your story as often as possible.  When you are strapped for time, it’s fair to re-post another’s article, but always slant the lead-in to fit your own personality and your own experience. Your expertise is where originality comes from.

Connectable – Does your message connect with people? Can your target market relate to what you’re saying? If your readers can’t relate to your message, they will not continue to engage.  Strive to provide information that is relevant to your audience, and helpful to their own target audiences.

Informative – Social savvy people want to be “in” on the latest and greatest trends and news.  If you can provide relative information (and make it easy for others to understand, re-purpose, and share, then = job well done!!) you will be rewarded.  How many Google searches do you perform a day?  I can’t even start to count.  The point is, you want to be found when your prospect is searching for your product of service.  Put it out there.

Authoritative – Do you know what you’re talking about?  (I’m going to go with a resounding “YES”)  Then talk about it often.  Be the pro at what you know.  Provide information, answer questions, join conversations and engage as much as time allows.  This will enable you to gain credibility with your prospects, and with search engines.  Be as active as possible.

Lively – People like to be entertained. Does your information include humor? Is it breaking news? Something brand new? New info is hot, it’s lively and if you’re the first one “in,” before you know it, you’ll be the voice of authority in your industry.

©David Rynne 2016


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