Use the CATAPULT Method to Break out of a Sales Slump

I liked one of the methods The Hardcore Closer had on his podcast to help you pull yourself out of a sales slump.
The guy has no problem getting in your face, but he offers this advice for free because he wants to help those of us in the sales community to get better. He puts out some solid content, so when I heard this episode, I felt the need to pass this info on – I hope it helps.
Everyone hits a sales slump – but how you respond to it determines whether or not you break out of it or let it drag you down and become the new normal.
The Hardcore Closer used the acronym – CATAPULT – to explain one way to break free from the slump.
Catapults take a tremendous amount of stress as they are drawn back until they are triggered and it uses all that stress and tension to launch forward.
The first thing you need to do is be aware that you are in a slump, and once you recognize what’s going on, apply the CATAPULT method:
C – Commit – commit to making a change after you’ve identified you’re in a slump and working through it.
A – Admit – Admit its your fault you’re in a slump in the first place – don’t blame others – that’s weak. Accept responsibility.
T – Temporary – It’s temporary – nothing lasts forever including slumps – things wont always be the way they are at this moment – work through it.
A – Act – take action – act as if you’ve already worked out of it – don’t speak negatively – tell yourself you are getting better and heading towards a sale and breaking the slump.
P – Put yourself in a Position to win – make more calls – ask for more referrals – start more conversations.
U – Utilize – utilize everything at your disposal – utilize every Ace you have – what’s gonna make your winning hand – use everything you have in your network to win.
L – Let the tension build – pull back that band of the catapult and let the tension build so you can spring forward and smash through whats holding you back.
T- Trigger – whats the ONE thing you can do to trigger a positive chain of events to take you out of the slump and level up? Trigger the momentum that sets of that series of events that blasts you out of the slump.
Keep this in mind the next time you hit a sales slump. Remember that its temporary and it doesn’t need to last long when you have strategies and a plan of action to move yourself past a slump and to the top of the leaderboard.
And don’t forget to watch out for #ThatSalesShow I’ll be starting soon. It’s gonna be awesome!

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