The Sun May Come Out Tomorrow, But I Need Its Light Today



Going through the comments of my last post – What If Tomorrow Never Comes? – someone said I should plan for tomorrow, just don’t take it for granted. I liked that, and there is truth there, but my response was “I try not to take it for granted because I know its not guaranteed. The sun may come out tomorrow but I need it’s light today.”

If I’m time traveling – worrying about tomorrow (or waiting for the ‘good’ and ‘happiness’ to happen tomorrow) or regretting the past, I am not in today, not present now. I spend a lot of time there; I really should have a custom made time travel suit built.

“Annie” sung The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (I first saw it on stage with the original – Andrea McArdle – she was fantastic). Ever the optimist, she took action to “stick out her chin and grin” to face the day and try to make others happy with the hopes of a better tomorrow. A bright, shiny tomorrow.

The potential doom and gloom of today, along with the worry of tomorrow and the regrets of yesterday, has the capability of messing up our day before its even begun. I need tomorrow’s sun today! I need the light today! I need that light to shine on what’s in front of me so I can take action and do something about it, with it and for it.

Am I living for today, or dying for tomorrow?

I could fly to California, sit at a phone and make a call to New Zealand – I could technically be calling a friend tomorrow from today. That may be the only way to ‘cheat’ time.

But I live in today, so that’s where I need to stay if I want peace, happiness and a sense of fulfillment. If I want a better tomorrow, I need to do the work today. Work on myself today. Better myself today. Choose to be happy today.

We need to be active participants in our lives right here and now.

This is all easier said than done, but like everything else, it starts with the first step. Take the first step to be present in this moment and appreciate what you have right now.

Stop everything, close your eyes, take a deep breath and say “thank you”.

OK, are you back? Great. Welcome to now.

A better today gives you a much bigger chance at a better tomorrow.

So keep pushing for it, keep working for it – just keep on.

When you stay in today and find ways to help other people, take action and have a positive impact on those around you, your light will shine like the rising sun. You will forget about yesterday and be too busy in today to worry about tomorrow.

You can bet your bottom dollar on it.



What are some of the things you do to stay in today to make for a better tomorrow?

Please comment below!


Dave Rynne is a Business Development professional who believes there is always a better way to get things done. He writes about best sales practices, sales acceleration and how his past experiences have shaped his present Sales 2.0 philosophy.

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