Cold Calling on the High Beam



Phone avoidance.

We’ve all been there in sales.

The phone.

It sits there, mocking us. Daring us to pick it up and cold call.

A judgmental piece of plastic with handset, buttons and wire.

How could anything be so scary?

It’s not.  But for many salesmen, it’s the boogeyman under the bed – the monster in the closet.

It doesn’t have to be – it’s a total mindgame. We’ve been led to think it’s so hard, but its not.

Its like walking on a beam only one foot off the ground – you walk it no problem. The low beam. The problem starts when you raise that beam to 5 feet off the ground. It’s the same beam, same easy walk – except your higher and your mind starts to worry because it starts to think it will get hurt. It fears the high beam.

It’s the same walk at 1 foot and 5 feet. But its a different mindset with each one. The mind perceives risk at 5 feet, because it’s just a little more scary even though you wont get hurt if you fall – there’s more distractions, more things perceived that can go wrong, its easier to lose focus.

Same with cold calling.

It’s easy to make a warm call – you either know the person, have been given a direct referral to them, engaged them on social a few times and are now taking it offline – its the walk on the low beam.

Cold calls are seen as the high beam. You don’t know them and they don’t know you. You are the ultimate ‘disrupter’, you are calling them out of the blue.

Warms calls are easy. Cold calls are hard – and the only reason they are hard is because we THINK they are hard. We think we are on the high beam and it’s scary, but the truth is that the phone – or the person on the other end of it – can’t hurt you. There’s no monster. There’s no boogeyman.

It’s just a piece of plastic and wiring. You can be scared of it – or make it work for you. The phone can help you bring in millions of dollars. When I was a young broker in the early 90’s, my biggest client came from a cold call – from a list photocopied out of the phonebook. Million dollar account, transferred to me because I called him and he liked what I had to say.

So put together your pitch, your approach, be confident in what you are going to say, get your mind right and know, I mean really KNOW – that the phone can’t hurt you. It is your friend.


How do you get your mind right to make cold calls? Please comment below!


Dave Rynne is a Business Development professional who believes there is always a better way to get things done. He writes about best sales practices, sales acceleration and how his past experiences have shaped his present Sales 2.0 philosophy. He believes in the power of Content Marketing. He likes to mix it up by writing other important stuff too.

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