Oh, Have I Got Your Attention? 6 ways to make your Content Stand Out


The whole purpose of content marketing is attraction – to gain a prospects attention – to draw them into your world of content and provide value with your knowledge, information and experience.

How do you make it stand out from all of the other content out there? You can hit every channel and follow formulas, but what can you do to set yourself apart? How do you grab hold of the prospect like a pitbull and make them consume your content? How do you make them stop, drop and roll into your sales funnel by consuming your content?

How do you get in front of them and make them want to play with and buy your stuff?

Its all about reslanting – freelancers reslant articles all the time . they reuse their content and shape it to fit the industry or target market they are aiming at.

Unless you are coming up with something completely original (is there such a thing?) and disruptive, you can reslant what is currently working in your target industry/market.

1 – Video – are you shooting for informative or  viral foolishness or both? Explainer videos with a new angle, humor and education that positions you as an authority is key to building your brand. Viral foolishness is another way to make your name and brand memorable if it is particular to your market.

2 – Infographics – create a visual story – it can be linear, circular or interconnected. It has a start and a finish, it spells out the story and what you want to happen. The key is the info – once again establishing your voice and authority in the space.

3 – Email – drip campaigns, email blasts, viral videos embedded in the email etc.. You need to have killer headlines (check out our friends at SalesFolk.com to see how it’s done right) to get prospects to open and then have quality, targeted copy that grabs and engages the prospect, finishing with a strong call to action – which should be easy to click if your copy is strong enough. Make them want to see more.

4 – Social Media – It can’t just be the same post across all social media outlets – you need to shape and target to each platform – the optimal timing for each one is different – use your analytics to determine best times to post, etc.

Pictures or formulas and recipes on Pinterest, pictures that tell and sell a story on Instagram (which allows hashtags that makes your picture viewable to multiple categories) – use the strongest, most viewed categories to have your picture sent to.

Twitter for quick bursts of commentary and engagement with prospects – can be grouped in lists to scan what is out there. Twitter is great for social listening so you can take the temperature of your target market.

LinkedIn – the professional site for quality networking and prospecting, great for b2b , especially Saas sales. LinkedIn would be more your white shoed uncle that you market to.

Facebook and Facebook pages. With 8 billion members, there is a huge playground to play in. Facebook live now allows you to get in front of your audience at any time of day – documenting life instead of creating (as Gary Vee says) which helps personalize your message. The best thing about live is it stays in your feed, whereas Instagram is live when its live, and when your done its done. Its live until its dead. Just like you. Make it count – make it matter.

5 – Gonzo sh*t – Redbull – the energy drink company started out as just that – an energy drink company. Now they can be seen as one of the largest content companies around and not just an energy drink company. Massive sponsorships of extreme sports – a soccer team – auto racing – they had a man skydive from the edge of space for cryin’ out loud! When you think of Redbull do you think a burst of energy or somebody getting wings to do awesome stuff?

6 – Podcasts – Interviews. If you are trying to grow a base of prospects and followers, one great way is a podcast – by interviewing leaders in their space who have large followings – make sure you conduct a great interview – reslant and don’t ask the same old boring questions – and push out through your channels so that the interveiwees followers can all see it, like it and then want to follow you. Its a great way to add followers and find even more people to interview. Aggressive push this medium, it continues to grow and help you gain authority.

So tell a story – a NEW story – and tap into an emotion that makes people take action, make them crave more by using methods that are currently working in your market and reslant to position yourself as an authority and a leader in your space. Go get it, its out there!


Dave Rynne is a Business Development professional who believes there is always a better way to get things done. He writes about best sales practices, sales acceleration and how his past experiences have shaped his present Sales 2.0 philosophy. He believes in the power of Content Marketing. He likes to mix it up by writing other important stuff too.

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes?


I went to a funeral this past weekend – a young man’s life cut too short. 33 years and 27 days he spent alive – living, loving and doing.

33 years and 27 days.

Seeing his family was tough, I know his dad and 2 brothers. I didn’t know him at all, but now I know all I needed to know about him.

He was a son, a brother, a friend, a baseball player, a golfer and a young man who called his parents each day and told them that he loved them. He was a doer.

33 years and 27 days.

Tomorrow is not promised to us.

Are you doing everything you can to plan personal and professional goals and work to achieve them? If tomorrow never comes for you, will you leave behind a chorus of shoulda woulda coulda’s?

Life is short – a funeral is a stark reminder of this.

What will you leave behind?

Will it be a history of waiting for things to happen to and for you? Will your story include actions you took each day to make yourself better and move one more step forward to reaching your goals or will it be filled with “I’ll do it tomorrow”?

James Altucher loves to write about improving yourself just 1% a day because by the end of the year you will have improved exponentially, created new habits and most likely changed your life.

1% doesnt seem like much, but like the power of compounding in investment returns, 1% a day compounded over a year results in significant changes in attitude, actions and outlooks on life.

For those of us in sales, the end of the month is a funeral of sorts – the month has ended, it’s over, how will it be recorded? How will you and your actions (or inactions) be remembered? The leaderboard never lies.

We are reborn each month to address how we will be remembered – are you doing everything you can to fill your pipeline, network, have positive conversations, set appointments, reach goals and add massive value to your clients and prospects?

We die a thousand deaths a day with rejection, but it will be how we responded, how we lived that matters and how we will be remembered.

Don’t sit on the sidelines waiting to die.

33 years and 27 days.

Get up, make the change, improve 1% each day, read books (I’d recommend Ryan Stewman’s “Elevator to the Top: Your Go-To Resource for All Things Sales“) , read blogs (Mike Weinberg’s – The New Sales Coach blog), help someone who can’t repay you, make your boss and co-workers look good, push, grind, tell the people you love that you love them and don’t ever give up.

When the screen fades to black in the movie of your life, make sure the credits tell the story of all the things you did and not the things you waited to do.

33 years and 27 days.

Make today count.