Oh, Have I Got Your Attention? 6 ways to make your Content Stand Out

The whole purpose of content marketing is attraction - to gain a prospects attention - to draw them into your world of content and provide value with your knowledge, information and experience. How do you make it stand out from all of the other content out there? You can hit every channel and follow formulas, [...]

Having the Social Media Conversation with Your Children

This post was originally written for the Lasso Moon agency I have 4 children in middle school: 2 girls, 2 boys. They are plugged-in to their phones, iPods and iPads. They began with Angry Birds and Minecraft games and quickly became interested in YouTube videos of Nickelodeon stars.  Next thing I knew, they were creating [...]

Is Your Social Media Strategy SOCIAL?

This article originally appeared on the LASSO MOON AGENCY blog: How is your social media strategy working for you? Are you putting out Original, Authoritative and Shareable content that informs, connects and entertains? Here are a few guidelines to keep your efforts in check: S- Shareable O- Original C- Connectable I- Informative A- Authoritative L- [...]